Cindy's Ghost

"The 1:07
Disclaimer: I hope this email doesn’t offend anyone’s belief or non-belief in
the afterlife.  The feelings expressed b
elow are my own and are not
necessarily shared by my family or friends.

As a lot of you are already aware, I’ve had a lifelong interest in the paranormal.  It
seems today that there is an increased interest in the topic, as evidenced by the
popularity of such shows as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Finding Bigfoot,
Destination Truth, Paranormal Witness and Celebrity Ghost Stories.   Before any of
these shows were on television, I was actively investigating on my own.   I jumped
around a bit on areas of interest, but I started with Bigfoot, moved to Ghosts and
Lake Monsters and I have always had a deep interest in UFOs.  Some of my
earliest memories as a boy were of making a trap to catch Bigfoot, which consisted
of me digging a huge hole and then covering it over with sticks and leaves to hide it.  
In the morning it was broken through, but there was no Bigfoot.  In later years as an
adult, I moved to Lake Champlain, on the border with Vermont and New York
where I spent years researching a Loch Ness-like creature there.   I take a very
skeptical approach to investigating and I like to think I have a very balanced
approach.  It is my lack of experiencing the paranormal, which fuels my interest.   I
don’t easily believe in much.  Some have warned me that I should be careful what I
ask for.  Others have stated that I just need to give it time.  When it comes to
contacting my sister – I need proof.

Although Cindy was always supportive of my strange interest, she didn’t want to
hear much about it.  She didn’t believe in any of it, yet she was scared of it.  Of
course I wanted to know how she could be scared of something that she didn’t
believe in.   When we visited an old Deuel burial ground in Dutchess Co., NY, this
is what Cindy had to say (in a letter to the family) regarding the location:  “…in
Deuel Hollow is a family burying ground.  It is very hard to find. Its back in the
woods and it took Richie and me an entire day to find it. It’s a very creepy place,
not only because it’s weird to look down at 20 gravestones with your own name on
them, but also many of the current residents of Deuel Hollow believe it to be
haunted! I couldn't believe these normal, rational people were telling me these crazy
stories, but they really believe it.”  When Cindy and I were first looking for the
cemetery, Cindy went into a store to ask if anyone knew of any old cemeteries in
the area.  Right after she asked them the question, all the lights in their establishment
went out.  Cindy then said out loud, "Benjamin Deuel, knock it off!" and all the
lights came back on!  Perhaps this was the beginning of Cindy’s inner awakening.

The irony is that Cindy had no fear of real world city dangers, as she nonchalantly
ventured through New York City at all hours of the night.   Some of her apartments
were not in the nicest parts of the city and I was very apprehensive to visit her
neighborhood even in the light of day.   So even though the probability that she
would be mugged was far greater than the probability that she would be abducted
by aliens, she was more afraid of the aliens or at least she was more afraid of
talking about a topic such as this.   Although she could mathematically tell you the
probability of the existence of extraterrestrial life, she wasn’t about to speculate if
they are already among us – that was just too creepy for her.  If it wasn’t nuts and
bolts or couldn’t be explored mathematically, she didn’t waste her time.  

Without going into detail, Cindy did seem to open up to the spiritual side of things in
a very significant way just prior to 9/11.  You might say that she opened up to the
entire universe, as it was calling her.  Of course I was more than happy to help her
explore this side of herself.  Sadly it did not give her fair warning of the tragedy that
was about to unfold, but I feel like it did rid her of her fear of the unknown.  For a
long time
after 9/11, I believed that Cindy must have embraced her new found
in the afterlife and that she most likely accepted some celestial journey of
unimaginable proportions.  She perhaps could have seen that we would all be ok
and that there was no need to hang out and nurture us spiritually
or to provide us
with some sort of sign.
 Twelve years later I am not so certain.  

Are we ok?  Yes.  Are we happy?  Some of us are.  Do we still need her?  Yes.  
What I’ve realized in the twelve years since the tragedy is that I think maybe she is
spiritually trapped and needs help.  See, even if one of us needed her, she would’ve
come to us in a real unforgettable way.   Perhaps the evil that brought down the
towers is still preventing her from getting out.  In some ways I’ve been searching for
Cindy my entire life.  Will I be ok if she doesn’t make contact?  Yes, of course.  
But perhaps most of us don’t make contact
with our loved ones who have passed
because we never try or reach out in a formidable way.

In March of this year, a close friend of Cindy’s, who recently also suffered a great
loss of her own, was at a medium trying to contact that person, when it appears that
Cindy came through and alluded to me by name.   She believes in her heart that it
was Cindy who made contact with her.  

I feel as if I shouldn’t ignore this sign.  This year I want to try a little experiment.
I’ve chosen the 28th prime number (Cindy was in love with prime numbers and she
was 28 years old on 9/11), which is 107.  A prime number (or a prime) is a natural
number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself.  Cindy
was obsessed with finding the pattern to the prime numbers.  I believe through
powerful intent we can guide Cindy out from
Ground Zero  or from the other side
and perhaps some of us will get a sign from her.   I believe if we all call to Cindy
together at 1:07 pm and 1:07 am (if you are awake) each day, then this might have
a powerful effect.  It doesn’t matter if we are not all in the same time zone, since all
of us are spread out
and at least some of us will share similar times. We should also
look for the number 107 and when we encounter it, think of Cindy.  I realize that
there will be a lot of days that you forget to call to her, but try as many days as you

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The 1:07 Experiment

For all of you who have written over the years, I want to thank you.  I have
received your email and it means the world to me.

Remember  1:07

With Love,