John James Deuel Military Photo Analysis
Chapter 1 - The Draft

I have attached another mystery photo to be examined by your keen eyes.  This particular
photo was within my grandmother's possessions.  The man farthest to the left is believed
to be my grandfather John Deuel.  You will notice the name John is written over his right

We do know that my grandfather did register for the WWI draft.  Here is draft registration
info that Cindy discovered:

World War I Draft Registraton

City of Passaic, County of Passaic, State of New Jersey
Local Division No. 1
Name: John James Deuel
Serial Number: 3911
Order Number: 1356
Permanent Home Address: 291 Sherman, Passaic, Passaic, NJ
Age In Years: April 21, 1880
Race: White
Citizenship: Native Born U. S. Citizen
Present Occupation: Salesman, R. H. Horback, 70 Hawthorne Ave., Newark
Nearest Relative: Annie Deuel, 291 Sherman St.
Physical Description:
Height: Average
Build: Slender
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Brown
Date of Registration: Sept. 12, 1918
Certified by: John A. Donovan

Note: birth date above is incorrect.
Early in our research, Cindy wrote this to the family looking for answers (before finding
the draft info):
" One other thing that we know about grandpa, mostly from family stories, but also from a
picture, is that he was in the military. We've heard from other family members that he was
a Sergeant in the Army. Does anyone know if this is true? Does anyone know if he served
during peace or war, and if war, which one? Given the records we've found of Grandpa, it
seems that he would've had to have served in the very late 1800s. Given that he was
born in 1883 - it would have to be the latter end of that period which would mean that he
served during the Spanish-American War (began 1898). Does anyone have info to
support or negate that theory?"

Not much is really known about his military history.  My aunt told me that grandpa told her
that he was left for dead during a war and that he had a lifetime aversion to one of the
agencies, I think Red Cross, who wouldn't help him.

I am hoping you will be able to place the period from the shapes of the hats the men are
wearing.  There appear to be two different types.  The men standing second, third and
sixth from the right are wearing a different type than the rest, a short-rimmed Mexican
officer type.  The others are wearing a fedora cavalry style.  I am hopping the clothing
worn by my grandfather could offer up some clue - his shirt with the big wide pockets on
the lower front.  Many of the men are covered in war paint and both my grandfather and
the man on the right appear to be drinking a beverage.  Is this some celebratory event?

Now there is the possibility that the man labeled John is actually my great grandfather
John J. Deuel, since his name was also John.  I really can only speculate not knowing
when it was taken.

Can't wait to see what you have to say.  Thanks!

Richard Deuel
July 21, 2002

Chapter 2 - The Uniform