Jonathan5 Deuel & Rachel Denton
Is Jonathan5 Deuel the father of Henry Deuel?
Read about Jonathan5 Deuel and his wife Rachel Denton from the book "History of Little Nine Partners of Northeast
Precinct and Pine Plains, New York, Duchess County 1897" by Isaac Huntting.
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Read about researcher Richard Gifford's discoveries at Poughkeepsie Surrogate Court regarding Jonathan5 Deuel,
Jonathan's parents and the beginning of a theory that Henry Deuel is a son of Jonathan5 Deuel and Rachel Denton.  
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The Birney Connection
Read Richard Gifford's observations on the reference in the Hyatt books that a grand-daughter of Jonathan5 Deuel
married a son of James G. Birney, the second most famous anti-slavery publisher in the US and how this might provide
some more clues to Henry's line.
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Learn all about the James G. Birney and his children. click here
Among the old photos of Newton Deuel's family there is one of an unidentified man in a Civil War uniform adorned with
numerous medals.   Richard Gifford's detective work gives us a very promising solution as to who he was.  
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The mystery man in the Civil War uniform is wearing the "Kearny Cross" which was only given out to the division (1st
Division) commanded by David Bell Birney.  Detailed here are the III Corps comrades of David Bell Birney.  
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The 1880 census for Manhattan yeilds a vital clue as to which one of Jonathan5 Deuel's grand-daughters married a
Birney and a beginning theory as to which Birney she married.  
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More on the 1880 census.  Also, can we find room for Henry when we compare the Hyatt data on the children of
Jonathan5 Deuel next to the 1820 census for Northeast?  
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Did Mary7 Deuel marry James Gillespie Birney IV who bravely fought in Custer's 7th Cavalry brigade at Gettysburg
where he was wounded and captured?  View his sword which was presented to him with a letter of recommendation
from Custer himself!
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A very short travel log of brothers Silas I. 6 Deuel and (John) Newton 6 Deuel into Manhattan and a couple other
entrepreneurial New York City Deuels.  
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Is it mere coincindence that Jonathan5 Deuel and Rachel Denton have TWO grandson's with the name of Henry?  
Also, could the Chas Deuel who shows up in Passaic, New Jersey be the brother of Jay Clarence Deuel?
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