The Deuels

Photo of Harry's
Charles L.

June 19th, 2000
portrait dedication
at Deuel County

Discussion of
Harry Porter
Deuel's ancestry

The Days of
Steamboating and
Harry Porter Deuel
Harry Porter Deuel was born in Clarkson,
Monroe County, N.Y. Dec 11, 1836, the
son of Charles P. and Lucy H. (Porter)
Deuel.  When he was a year old, the family
moved to Farmington, Fulton County, Ill.,
where his father abandoned his early trade
as cooper and engaged in farming.

Harry P. Deuel was educated in public
schools and at Lombard University,
Galesburg, Ill.  After leaving college he
remained on his father's farm assisting in
the work until Nov. 1859, when he moved
to Omaha, and his uncle, John R. Porter,
engaged in the steamboat agency,
forwarding and commission business.
Then Mr. Deuel became the agent for the K.C. St. J. & C.B. Railroad.  Upon
completion of the B. & M. Railroad into Omaha, he became the agent of that
system, a position he held until 1888, when he resigned to become the Omaha city
passenger agent of the Union Pacific Railroad.  He stayed with Union Pacific until
late 1896 when he resigned to become superintendent of the new Burlington station
in Omaha, a position he held until 1901 when he was elected registrar of deeds.

Mr. Deuel had the distinction, up to the time he resigned from the superintendency
of the Burlington station, of being the oldest railroad man in continuous service in
Omaha, and was one of the best known passenger men in the West.

He was well known in social circles, and was prominent in Masonic work for more
than 50 years, having been Grand Master of the Neb. Grand Lodge in 1869.  He
attained the highest degree of Masonry...the thirty-third degree Scottish Rite, the
Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.  He also belonged to the Elks
and other orders.

Happy P. Deuel and Freelove Jane Miller were married Jan. 6, 1858.  She was the
daughter of Harry L. Miller of Tiskilwa, Ill.  To this union were born Blanche L., a
member of the first class graduated from the Omaha High School in 1876, she died
at age 19; and Charles L. Deuel, who married Mary Lake, daughter of George B.
Lake.  They had two children: Luke and Blanche.

Deuel County was named in honor of Harry P. Deuel

Courtesy of the Deuel County Historical Association