The Molenaars/Millers
A look at Cindy's great great grandparents Thomas Molenaar and Adraantje Koert, their family tree and
journey to America in 1859.

Now we did go to the central archives last Saturday and found out the following. There are records of the ships that
went for the U.S. from 1820 - 1880. The Ellis Island records only start in 1892 (there was no answer yet from Ellis Island
on my email) so there?s a twelve-year gap and I was not able to find the data that Richard Grootenboer (see
Grootenboers for more info on Richard) must have left the Netherlands. I did find out when Thomas Molenaar (Miller)
and Adriaantje Koert and their children Lodewijk, Cornelis and Maatje (Maggie) left for the U.S :

Thomas (age 25, occupation farmer, residence Dirksland)
Adriaantje (age 24, occupation housewife)
Lodewijk (age 4)
Cornelis (age 2)
Maatje (age 1)

...left with destination New York, U.S.A. on May 14th, 1859 from the port of Rotterdam on an American ship named the
Golden Rule. The accomodations they had on board are unknown.

Another book tells that a Thomas Molenaar (age 28, residence Dirksland) left with this wife and three children,
destination unknown, in 1859. The reasons for leaving were to join family and friends. Economical class: ?poor?. The
name of the ship was not mentioned. I think it?s save to say that these families are one and the same.

Then we?ve been searching for more information on Tomas Molenaar. Jan made a copy of his marriage certificate with
Adriaantje Koert for you. I tried to scan it (see attachment) but I think the copy will be very hard to read that way (and is
of course in Dutch!), so if you want to have it please let me know your address then I will send it to you by snail mail. If
there are more copies you would like to have please let me know, by the end of December we will probably go to the
central archives again.

Maybe you already have this information, but Tomas was born in Onwaard (this village no longer exists) on February
7th, 1831. He was an illegitimate child, his mother was Tannetje Molenaar, father unknown.
Tannetje Molenaar was born March 28th, 1790 in Dirksland, she was the daughter of Cornelis Molenaar and Neeltje
Visbeen. Tannetje married Willem Markwat on April 16th, 1807. They had three children :
Philip (October 6th, 1807), Cornelis (January 8th, 1809) and Elizabeth (April 20th, 1811). Willem Markwat died in 1826.

Well Richard that?s it for now, I wish you all the best,

Lilian Grootenboer
December 2, 2001
The Netherlands