The Grootenboers
A Study of Dirk/Richard Grootenboer's Family Tree (the second husband of Cindy's great grandmother
Maggie Moolenar/Miller).

I think we?re on the right track!! It?s getting a bit complicated now but as I told you, DIRK/RICHARD, born September 26,

Pieternella was born April 24, 1820 in Dirksland and died ca. 1884 in Dirksland.
Herbert was born October 27, 1815 in Dirksland and died October 13, 1866 in Dirksland

Herbert and Pieternella married June 5, 1846 in Dirksland, they had 10 children :

Maria (September 2, 1846)
Huibert Cornelis (March 5, 1848, + 1849)
Adrianus (november 25, 1849)
Huibert (November 21, 1850)
Laurensje (October 27, 1852)
Cornelis (March 28, 1854, + 1855)
Cornelia Dirkje (May 11, 1856)
Willem (June 18, 1859)
DIRK / RICHARD (September 26, 1861)
Johannes (June 27, 1763)

All of these children married in Holland and had kids there, except for Cornelia Dirkje, Willem and Dirk/Richard. So far I
found no trace of them. It?s possible they left for the U.S. together.


Huibert and Laurensje (m. 1819) had 11 children and Pieternella was the first child born (1820). As you can see on Jeff
Drakes? website, (wonderful indeed, I hope to make a website like that in the future) son number 10 was the HUIBERT
who married Adriana Koert !! So Pieternella en Huibert were brother and sister!

This means that Huibert Groenendijk married to Adriana Koert was DIRK/RICHARDS uncle! Now I can imagine that
when Dirk went to the U.S. it?s very likely that he would pay a visit to his uncle and met Maggie there and fell in love with

My relative Joe Grootenboer in Canada tells me that a diminutive of Richard is Dick, which is very close to Dirk, so I think
we?re definitely on the right track here. I?m very excited about this, let me know what you think.

When we go to the central archives in the Hague on Saturday I will try to find out more about when the Miller, Groenendijk
and Grootenboer families left for the U.S. If there is still anything you would like to know, exact dates of birth, death or
marriage of your Dutch ancestors please tell me, I will look it up for you.

I don?t have much information about Goeree-Overflakkee or Dirksland, but I?m a member of their genealogical society
and I know they have a website called I?ve been trying to look at it just now but my internet connection
won?t open. I hate that, happens all the time. Guess I need a new computer in the near future. I?ll see if I can find
something on Dirksland, I only have books of Willemstad, Klundert, Fijnaart etc. that?s where my ancestors are from. I
know there are a lot of Grootenboeren living on Goeree-Overflakkee. In April/May I sent a letter to all of them to ask them
for information regarding the family tree and had a lot of responses. It?s a lovely island with some nice old villages. One
of my cousins is living there, in a village called Goedereede.

Well Richard, that?s it for now, this was my day off and I was supposed to clean up the place but spent the whole day
behind the computer again, but this is much more fun! Greetings, Lilian

Lillian Grootenboer
November 20, 2001
The Netherlands