Descendants of William Deuel

Generation No. 1

1.  William1 Deuel

Children of William Deuel are:
+ 2 i. Jonathan2 Deuel.
3 ii. Benjamin Deuel.  He married Elizabeth Peabody.

Notes for Benjamin Deuel:
"son of William: mar. Elzbth Peabody & settled on lands in
Monmouth Co. N. Jersey acquired by his father.  He was
grand-juryman, Newport R.I. 28 Mar. 1682.  Unrecorded
afterward so ? known.  His descendants said to be, there,
DuVals.  Note.  Duval county Florida in which are Jacksonville
& Duval post office."

4 iii. John Deuel, born 1643; died 1643.
5 iv. Joseph Deuel, died February 27, 1715/16.  He married
Mary Brayton.

Notes for Joseph Deuel:
"lived at Westery R.I.: Stonington CT"
"J.D.2nd had descendants & many references to them are in the
Newport & Westerly records"

Generation No. 2

2.  Jonathan2 Deuel (William1)  He married Hannah Adley.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"J.2, lived in Dartmouth Mass: had land grant 31.10.1667  Sold
land there 19 Oct 1698"

Notes for Hannah Adley:
"had 6 by her father's will 1709"

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Hannah Adley are:
+ 6 i. Joseph3 Deuel.
+ 7 ii. Jonathan Deuel, died 1709 in Dartmouth.
8 iii. Abigail Deuel.  She married Job Milk July 03, 17191.

Notes for Abigail Deuel:
Marriages of Little Compton from Vital Statistics of R.I.

Notes for Job Milk:
The name Milk is on the Dartmouth Tax Lists, 1770. 1771.

+ 9 iv. William Deuel.
+ 10 v. Jeremiah Deuel.
11 vi. Anna Deuel.

Notes for Anna Deuel:
"The 7th of 11 children born Dartmouth"

+ 12 vii. Benjamin Deuel, died 1726.
13 viii. Elizabeth Deuel, died 1742.  She married George
Brownell February 22, 1715/16.
14 ix. Hannah Deuel.  She married Joseph Weeden.

Notes for Joseph Weeden:

15 x. Mary Deuel.  She married James Mosher May 22, 1714.

Notes for Mary Deuel:
"Mary DeVille"

16 xi. Abigail Deuel.
17 xii. Sarah Deuel, born in Dartmouth.

Notes for Sarah Deuel:
"10 child of 11"

Generation No. 3

6.  Joseph3 Deuel (Jonathan2, William1)  He married Mary
Soule, daughter of George Soule and Deborah.

Notes for Joseph Deuel:
"recorded with birthdates, town of Dartmouth Mass"

Notes for Mary Soule:
"grand-daughter of George Soule of The Mayflower landing at
Plymouth Mass 21 Dec 1620"

Children of Joseph Deuel and Mary Soule are:
+ 18 i. Benjamin4 Deuel, born January 26, 1708/09 in
Dartmouth, Mass.
19 ii. Abner Deuel.
+ 20 iii. Joseph Deuel, born January 15, 1702/03 in Dartmouth.
+ 21 iv. Christopher Deuel, born January 27, 1699/00 in
Dartmouth, Mass; died Abt. 1760.
+ 22 v. Jonathan Deuel, born in Dartmouth, Mass.
23 vi. Hannah Deuel, born April 04, 1707.  She married Joseph
24 vii. Lydia Deuel, born March 03, 1700/01.  She married
Barnabas Hargel.

Notes for Barnabas Hargel:

25 viii. Mary Deuel, born 1705.  She married Nathaniel Potter.

Notes for Mary Deuel:
"Certified through Purchase Monthly meeting to that of
Ninepartners: Friends or Quaker Society."

7.  Jonathan3 Deuel (Jonathan2, William1) died 1709 in
Dartmouth.  He married Hannah.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"Will proved 7 S. 1709. (Hannah executrix) giving homestead,
50 acres to son William which was a gift from his father: Also 50
acres to his son Jonathan and 6L each to his daughters, Hannah,
Abiah, & Myraba"

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Hannah are:
26 i. Abiah4 Deuel.

Notes for Abiah Deuel:
She had 6. by her father's will, proved Sept. 1709.

+ 27 ii. William Deuel.
+ 28 iii. Jonathan Deuel, born May 01, 1702.
29 iv. Hannah Deuel.
30 v. Myraba Deuel.
31 vi. Myrabel Deuel.

Notes for Myrabel Deuel:
"She had 6L by her father's will 1709"

9.  William3 Deuel (Jonathan2, William1)  He married Sarah

Children of William Deuel and Sarah Sisson are:
+ 32 i. David4 Deuel.
33 ii. Elsa Deuel.

Notes for Elsa Deuel:
"her mother Abigail Hicks"

+ 34 iii. William Deuel.
35 iv. Joshua Deuel.  He married Peace Davoll.

Notes for Peace Davoll:
"no issue"

10.  Jeremiah3 Deuel (Jonathan2, William1)  He married (1)
Sarah Allen.    He married (2) Sarah Whitridge.

Notes for Jeremiah Deuel:
"He the 4th of eleven""
"All of Dartmouth, Mass."

Children of Jeremiah Deuel and Sarah Allen are:
+ 36 i. Abraham4 Deuel.
+ 37 ii. Timothy Deuel.
+ 38 iii. Reuben Deuel.
+ 39 iv. Silas Deuel.
+ 40 v. David Deuel.
41 vi. Ephraim Deuel.
42 vii. Tristam Deuel.
43 viii. Jeremiah Deuel, born May 08, 1721 in Dartmouth, Mass.

Child of Jeremiah Deuel and Sarah Whitridge is:
44 i. Joseph4 Deuel.

12.  Benjamin3 Deuel (Jonathan2, William1) died 1726.  He
married Ann Brownell.

Notes for Benjamin Deuel:
"He the probable father of Peace4 who mar

Children of Benjamin Deuel and Ann Brownell are:
+ 45 i. Peter4 Deuel, born in Dartsmouth, Mass.
+ 46 ii. John Deuel, born in Dartmouth, Mass; died November
17, 1804.

Generation No. 4

18.  Benjamin4 Deuel (Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1) was born
January 26, 1708/09 in Dartmouth, Mass.  He married Sarah
Mosher August 23, 1731.

Notes for Benjamin Deuel:
"iss. 1st George who settled at Easton, Washington Co., N.Y.
2nd Joseph 9 Janr. 1735: 3 John: 4 Benjamin: 5  Jonthn: 6
Bathsheba 7: Sarah: 8 Abigail 9: Hannah & according to Mrs
John Hummiston there was a son William.  Benjamin Deuell4 &
wife came from Dartmouth to South Dover about or before
1740 acquired there a large tract of land which became known
as in  "Deuell Hollow."  Obed J. Deuell8 (Jacob7: Joshua6:
Benjamin 5&4) living 1895 on some of same land.  The will of
Bnjmn4 was witnessed in "The Oblong" of Duchess Co. 24
March 1788 by Letteirn Soule & Nathan Soule & Edward
Shove 17 Janry 1792: but he B4 died by the account 9 Janry

Children of Benjamin Deuel and Sarah Mosher are:
+ 47 i. Jonathan5 Deuel, died 1824 in Geenfield Saratoga Co.
48 ii. Abigail Deuel.

Notes for Abigail Deuel:
Her parents were early settlers in "Deuell Hollow", South Dover,
Duchess county, N. York

+ 49 iii. George Deuel, born 1732 in Easton Saratoga Co; died
March 15, 1813.
+ 50 iv. Benjamin Deuel.
+ 51 v. Joseph Deuel.
52 vi. Bathsheba Deuel.
+ 53 vii. John Deuel.
54 viii. Sarah Deuel.

Notes for Sarah Deuel:
"She 7th of 9: called  'Shove' in father's will."

55 ix. Hannah Deuel.
+ 56 x. Joseph Deuel, born January 09, 1734/35; died August
12, 1818.

20.  Joseph4 Deuel (Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1) was born
January 15, 1702/03 in Dartmouth.  He married Margaret Potter.

Notes for Joseph Deuel:
"By his will 25.5.1782 signed Joseph x his mark Deuel he gives
his son Philip a "silver dollar", pound to Abner and to Joseph5; a
copper tea kettle to kinswoman Hannah Sisson: to his married
daughter, Edith Howland, Isabel Cook, Hannah Russell "all his
household goods" to Abner6 his 2 coros, farming utensils &
cedar boat.  To his grandson Thomas Cook, powder horn &
shot bag; to Martha wife of Joseph his wearing apparel.  
Witnesses: John Smith, William Robinson, Jacob Anthony"

Children of Joseph Deuel and Margaret Potter are:
+ 57 i. Benjamin5 Deuel.
58 ii. Hannah Russell Deuel.  She married Russell.

Notes for Hannah Russell Deuel:
"She mar. a Russell: be her father's will 25 May 1782"

+ 59 iii. Isabel Deuel.
60 iv. Philip Deuel.
+ 61 v. Joseph Deuel.
62 vi. Phebe Deuel.  She married Hull.

Notes for Phebe Deuel:
"She willed by her father 1/4 of his household goods: married a
Hull (Tidemon?)"

63 vii. Edith Howland Deuel.
64 viii. Isabel Cook Deuel.

21.  Christopher4 Deuel (Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1) was
born January 27, 1699/00 in Dartmouth, Mass, and died Abt.
1760.  He married (1) Patience Mosher.    He married (2)
Mehitabel Allen.

Notes for Christopher Deuel:
"The widow Mehitabel married Nathaniel Brown. Christopher &
his brother Benjamin came to Dover, Duchess about or before
1740.  His 1st wife was sister to Sarah Mosher, Benjamin;s
wife.  Lydia Mosher cousin of the two sisters married Timothy
Deuell5: Jere 3: Jnthn2.

Children of Christopher Deuel and Patience Mosher are:
+ 65 i. Israel5 Deuel, born Bet. 1730 - 1731; died October 21,
66 ii. Joseph Deuel.
67 iii. Sarah Deuel.

Child of Christopher Deuel and Mehitabel Allen is:
+ 68 i. Jonathan5 Deuel, born October 27, 1758; died February
21, 1832.

22.  Jonathan4 Deuel (Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1) was born
in Dartmouth, Mass.  He married Priscilla Allen.

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Priscilla Allen are:
69 i. Gilbert5 Deuel.
+ 70 ii. Silas Deuel.
71 iii. Daniel Deuel.
72 iv. Stephen Deuel.

27.  William4 Deuel (Jonathan3, Jonathan2, William1)  He
married Elizabeth Whitehead.

Children of William Deuel and Elizabeth Whitehead are:
+ 73 i. William5 Deuel, born March 04, 1727/28; died June 22,
+ 74 ii. Jonathan Deuel, born January 16, 1719/20; died 1824.
75 iii. Aphia Deuel, born March 06, 1717/18 in Dartmouth,
76 iv. Jacob Deuel, died 1754.
77 v. Noe Deuel, died March 08, 1797 in Dartmouth.

Notes for Noe Deuel:
"4th child"

28.  Jonathan4 Deuel (Jonathan3, Jonathan2, William1) was
born May 01, 1702.  He married Mary Lawton.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"Had 50 acres of land by his father's will"
"had Robert, Jnthn & 3 drs-see penult series"

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Mary Lawton are:
78 i. Barjona5 Deuel.

Notes for Barjona Deuel:
"mentioned in deed ec."

+ 79 ii. Jonathan Deuel, born March 20, 1765 in Rhode Island;
died June 15, 1831 in Pine Plains.
80 iii. Robert Deuel.
81 iv. Unnamed Deuel.
82 v. Unnamed Deuel.

32.  David4 Deuel (William3, Jonathan2, William1)  He married
Hannah Tripp.

Children of David Deuel and Hannah Tripp are:
+ 83 i. Charles5 Deuel.
+ 84 ii. Barnea Deuel.
85 iii. Charity Deuel.
86 iv. Israel Deuel.

Notes for Israel Deuel:
"I. 5 the 4th of 9 children."

87 v. Joshua Deuel.

Notes for Joshua Deuel:
"3rd child brn Dartmouth'

88 vi. Lydia Deuel.
89 vii. Peace Deuel.
90 viii. Ruth Deuel.

34.  William4 Deuel (William3, Jonathan2, William1)  He
married Abigail Hicks.

Children of William Deuel and Abigail Hicks are:
91 i. John5 Deuel.
92 ii. Parelon Deuel.
93 iii. Rhoda Deuel.

36.  Abraham4 Deuel (Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)  He
married Elizabeth Jones.

Children of Abraham Deuel and Elizabeth Jones are:
+ 94 i. Abraham5 Deuel.
95 ii. Elizabeth Deuel.
96 iii. Mary Deuel.

37.  Timothy4 Deuel (Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)  He
married Lydia Mosher.

Children of Timothy Deuel and Lydia Mosher are:
+ 97 i. Silas5 Deuel.
98 ii. Benjamin Deuel, died February 20, 1825 in Cambridge,
Washington Co., N. York.
99 iii. Bilpha Deuel.  She married James White.
100 iv. Hannah Deuel.
101 v. John Deuel.
102 vi. Juda Deuel.

Notes for Juda Deuel:
"She married Benjamin Rogers & was grand-mother of Jacob7"

103 vii. Lydia Deuel.  She married James Barton.
104 viii. Rhoda Deuel.  She married John Tripp.

38.  Reuben4 Deuel (Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)  He
married Mary Roloson.

Children of Reuben Deuel and Mary Roloson are:
105 i. Lydia5 Deuel.
106 ii. Peremiot Deuel.
107 iii. Zilpha Deuel.
108 iv. Benjamin Deuel.

39.  Silas4 Deuel (Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)  He married
Mary Wilbour.

Children of Silas Deuel and Mary Wilbour are:
+ 109 i. Jonathan5 Deuel, born January 08, 1764.
+ 110 ii. Wilbour Deuel.
111 iii. Christopher Deuel, born October 12, 1774.
112 iv. Hannah Deuel.
113 v. Jeremiah Deuel.

Notes for Jeremiah Deuel:
"Jere 5 was the 6th child"

114 vi. Mary Deuel.
115 vii. Ruth Deuel.
116 viii. Sarah Deuel.

40.  David4 Deuel (Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)

Child of David Deuel is:
+ 117 i. Charles5 Deuel.

45.  Peter4 Deuel (Benjamin3, Jonathan2, William1) was born in
Dartsmouth, Mass.  He married Susannah Tripp.

Notes for Peter Deuel:
"Note Peter Deuil is spelled thus, Dartmouth tax lists 1770-71.  
This must be Peter4"

Notes for Susannah Tripp:
"perhaps others"

Children of Peter Deuel and Susannah Tripp are:
118 i. Mary5 Deuel.
119 ii. Peace Deuel.
120 iii. Silence Deuel.
121 iv. Rest Deuel.
122 v. Thankful Deuel.
123 vi. Benjamin Deuel.

46.  John4 Deuel (Benjamin3, Jonathan2, William1) was born in
Dartmouth, Mass, and died November 17, 1804.  He married
Patience Sabry.

Notes for John Deuel:
"his will mentions Rachel who mar Alpha Rounds"

Children of John Deuel and Patience Sabry are:
124 i. Benjamin5 Deuel.
+ 125 ii. Samuel Deuel, born in Dartmouth.
126 iii. Patience Deuel.  She married James Tripp.
127 iv. Mary Deuel.  She married Amos Mosher.
128 v. Peace Deuel.  She married Charles Tripp.
129 vi. Rachel Deuel.  She married Alpha Rounds.

Generation No. 5

47.  Jonathan5 Deuel (Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) died 1824 in Geenfield Saratoga Co.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"died in Greenfiled Saratoga Co in 1824: Settled there about

Children of Jonathan Deuel are:
130 i. Abel6 Deuel.
131 ii. Levis Deuel.
132 iii. Edmond Deuel.
133 iv. Peninna Deuel.

Notes for Peninna Deuel:
"Penninna or Peninny or Perinna"

134 v. Martha Deuel.

49.  George5 Deuel (Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)
was born 1732 in Easton Saratoga Co, and died March 15,
1813.  He married Margaret.

Notes for George Deuel:
"settled at Easton, Washington Co. N. York after April 1, 1775"
"born probably Easton Saratoga Co N. York"

Children of George Deuel and Margaret are:
+ 135 i. Ebeneezer6 Deuel.
136 ii. Benjamin Deuel.
137 iii. David Deuel.
138 iv. Phebe Deuel.
139 v. Joseph Deuel.
140 vi. James Deuel.

50.  Benjamin5 Deuel (Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1)  He married Elizabeth Wyckham.

Notes for Benjamin Deuel:
"Bnjmn 5 lived in Dover, Duchess Co."

Children of Benjamin Deuel and Elizabeth Wyckham are:
+ 141 i. Joshua6 Deuel, born 1766; died 1847.
142 ii. Avis Deuel.  She married Joseph Whiteley.

Notes for Avis Deuel:

+ 143 iii. Jonathan Deuel.
144 iv. George Deuel.

Notes for George Deuel:
"died young"

145 v. Hannah Deuel.  She married Fred Parkman.
146 vi. Elizabeth Deuel.  She married Fredrick Parkman.

Notes for Elizabeth Deuel:
"moved to Saratoga, N. York"

51.  Joseph5 Deuel (Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)  
He married Rachel Smith.

Children of Joseph Deuel and Rachel Smith are:
+ 147 i. David6 Deuel.
148 ii. Benjamin Deuel, died Abt. 1830.
149 iii. George Deuel, died August 1840.
150 iv. James Deuel.
151 v. Joseph Deuel, died January 1834.  He married Freelove
152 vi. Phebe Deuel, born January 21, 1757; died March 16,
1845 in Peru, Clinton Co., N. York.  She married John Allen
November 22, 1772.

Notes for Phebe Deuel:
"married John Allen 22,11,1772 in her 16 year: issue 15 children"

53.  John5 Deuel (Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)  
He married Anna.  She died in Dover, Duchess Co. NY.

Notes for John Deuel:
"His will 16 Oct 1881, recorded Liber C. pg 855 mentioned
wife Anna & children Gideon, Peter, Reuben, Cornelius, Sarah,
Cloah Wright, Rebecca Fish, Patience Russell: also James
Draper sn f John DraperL also William (?Deuel): Jno5: Ben4:
mar 2nd wife Widow Tripp who had had a son Wm Tripp"

Children of John Deuel and Anna are:
+ 153 i. Peter6 Deuel, died September 1799 in So. Corinth.
+ 154 ii. Reuben Deuel, born June 19, 1760.
+ 155 iii. Gideon Deuel, born August 01, 1758; died December
16, 1800.
+ 156 iv. Cornelius Deuel.
157 v. Sarah Deuel.
158 vi. Cloah Deuel.
159 vii. Rebecca Deuel.  She married Fish.

Notes for Rebecca Deuel:
"Mentioned in father's will recorded in Duchess, N. York"

160 viii. Patience Deuel.  She married Russel.

Notes for Russel:
"She mentioned in John's will 1806"

56.  Joseph5 Deuel (Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)
was born January 09, 1734/35, and died August 12, 1818.  He
married Rachel Smith.

Notes for Joseph Deuel:
"Settled in South Corinth: bought there 20.3.1788 N. York after
20 March 1788"

Children of Joseph Deuel and Rachel Smith are:
161 i. Phebe6 Deuel, born January 21, 1757.
162 ii. David Deuel, born September 15, 1758.
163 iii. Joseph Deuel.
164 iv. James Deuel, born June 01, 1761.
165 v. Benjamin Deuel.
166 vi. George Deuel.

57.  Benjamin5 Deuel (Joseph4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)  
He married Sarah.

Children of Benjamin Deuel and Sarah are:
+ 167 i. Abner6 Deuel, born 1758 in Dartmouth, Mass; died
+ 168 ii. Joseph Deuel, born February 1784 in Rhode Island;
died 1841.
+ 169 iii. William Deuel.

59.  Isabel5 Deuel (Joseph4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)  
She married Cook.

Notes for Isabel Deuel:
"mentioned in her father's will, Dartmouth 25.7.1782.  Isabel had
a son Thornes to whom Joseph4 gave his gun, powder horn &
cedar boat"

Child of Isabel Deuel and Cook is:
170 i. Thornes6 Cook.

61.  Joseph5 Deuel (Joseph4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)  
He married Martha Southwick August 16, 1765.

Notes for Joseph Deuel:
"a 2nd-Lieutenant in the American Army of the Revolution
23.3.1778 & prisoner"
"I think (12 Mr 1901) that this Rev Soldier is Jsph5, Jsphs4,3 &
brother to Bn5 Jsphs 4,3 who was also Revs Lieut Soldier"
"Will of Joseph Devoll, dated Stillwater 22.1.1827 recorded
Ballston Springs, names eldest son Thomas, single & youngest
daughter Martch, single.  Joseph Davel of Dartmouth by Tiverton
records married Martha Southwick of Newport 16.8.1765"

Notes for Martha Southwick:
"of Newport"

Children of Joseph Deuel and Martha Southwick are:
171 i. Thomas6 Deuel.
172 ii. Martha Deuel.

Notes for Martha Deuel:
"She the youngest daughter mentioned in her father's will
Stillwater, 22 Jnry 1827"

65.  Israel5 Deuel (Christopher4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)
was born Bet. 1730 - 1731, and died October 21, 1816.  He
married (1) Martha Thorn, daughter of Isaac Thorn and Maria
Haight.    He married (2) Jane Jackson.  She died October 06,

Children of Israel Deuel and Martha Thorn are:
+ 173 i. Joseph6 Deuel, died 1870.
+ 174 ii. Isaac Deuel, born December 23, 1750.

68.  Jonathan5 Deuel (Christopher4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born October 27, 1758, and died February 21,
1832.  He married Content Hoag, daughter of Abner Hoag and
Margaret Content.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"Married Content Hoag, drf Abner Hoag of 4th Hoag generation"
"Jonathan lived & died on his farm in town of Washington owned
next by Daniel J. Boyce or Boice & since & until 1897 or after
by Jacon Barringer, Washington, Duchess County. Content
Deuel and her husband were certified in N. Partners Monthly
meeting records 14.7.1783 as having been removed from
Oblong Monthly meeting to that of Nine Partners: As Abram
their oldest child was born 10 May 1783, he may have been
born in Dover (Oblong) but very probably in Washington.  All
the other children born on the Washington farm-as the removal
was previous to 12.7.1783"

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Content Hoag are:
+ 175 i. Abner6 Deuel, born December 16, 1788 in
Washington, Duchess Co., N.Y..
+ 176 ii. Abraham Deuel, born May 10, 1783 in Washington,
Duchess Co., N.Y..
+ 177 iii. David Deuel.
+ 178 iv. Alfred Deuel, born August 31, 1804 in Washington,
Duchess Co., N.Y.; died October 18, 1869.
+ 179 v. Amy Deuel, born May 31, 1785; died December 27,
180 vi. Anna Deuel, born June 18, 1792; died May 1793.

Notes for Anna Deuel:
"the 6th of 12 children"

+ 181 vii. John Deuel, born February 20, 1794; died February
22, 1875 in Washington, Duchess Co.
182 viii. Jacob Deuel, born February 02, 1798; died May 02,
183 ix. Christopher Deuel, born August 25, 1785.
+ 184 x. Sarah Deuel, born May 21, 1790; died January 11,
185 xi. Mary Deuel, born March 17, 1796; died April 02, 1819.

Notes for Mary Deuel:
"died unmarried"
"A record of her death in Ninepartners Monthly meeting records"

+ 186 xii. Maria Deuel, born February 05, 1802 in Washington
Duchess, N. York; died January 02, 1892.

70.  Silas5 Deuel (Jonathan4, Joseph3, Jonathan2, William1)

Child of Silas Deuel is:
187 i. Sarah6 Deuel.

73.  William5 Deuel (William4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2, William1)
was born March 04, 1727/28, and died June 22, 1814.  He
married Mehitable Whitehead.

Notes for Mehitable Whitehead:
"Elizabeth Whitehead"

Children of William Deuel and Mehitable Whitehead are:
+ 188 i. Ezra6 Deuel, born July 21, 1766; died March 30, 1844.
+ 189 ii. Pardon Deuel.
+ 190 iii. Jonathan Deuel.
+ 191 iv. Steph Deuel.
192 v. Bathsheba Deuel.  She married Tripp.
+ 193 vi. Richard Deuel, born October 26, 1774; died February
06, 1851 in Chestertown.
194 vii. Jacob Deuel.
195 viii. Ruth Deuel.  She married Joseph Tanner.

74.  Jonathan5 Deuel (William4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born January 16, 1719/20, and died 1824.  He
married Sarah Cadmon.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"d. 1824?"
"The following are either his children or grandchildren 1st
Jonathan b. 1793 2 Gideon: 3 Adosa: 4 Jonathan: 5 Seth: 6
Neulah 7 Reuben"

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Sarah Cadmon are:
+ 196 i. Jonathan6 Deuel.
197 ii. Adosha Deuel.

Notes for Adosha Deuel:
"She was the daughter or grand-daughter of Jonathan5"

198 iii. Beulah Deuel, born 1793.

Notes for Beulah Deuel:
"7 or 6"

199 iv. Gideon Deuel.
200 v. Seth Deuel.
201 vi. Reuben Deuel.
202 vii. Sarah Deuel.  She married Walter Perry May 06, 1781
in Tiverton.

Notes for Sarah Deuel:
"mar.(I think C.J.N. 23,2,97) Walter Perry: Tiverton 6 May

79.  Jonathan5 Deuel (Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born March 20, 1765 in Rhode Island, and died
June 15, 1831 in Pine Plains.  He married Sarah Rider, daughter
of James Rider.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"near the Hudson (Putnam Co.) said Sarah Rider spoke of
Crumm Elbow Erk & Little 9 Partners.  They had 11 children of
6 gen issue of Jnthn5 & Sarah Rider"

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Sarah Rider are:
+ 203 i. John6 Deuel.
204 ii. Lydia Deuel, born 1791; died November 01, 1871 in
Elenville, Ulster Co.  She married James Ingersoll.

Notes for Lydia Deuel:
"fid Hannah Deuel Peister"

205 iii. Mary Deuel, born 1793; died in Otsego Co.  She
married Ozias Hanford.

Notes for Mary Deuel:
"fid Hannah Deuel Peister"

206 iv. James Deuel, born July 07, 1797.

Notes for James Deuel:
"A James Deuel was foreman in the Scythe factory of Sil. Harris
& brother at Hammerstown, Pine Plains, Duchess Co. whence
he moved into Central N. York.  He was married & had a
family.  Polly Hyder, uncle Soloman.  Ferris worked under him"
"This Scythe foreman was snf Jonathan5 & Sarah Rider & born
7th July 1797 fid Hann Deuel Peister"

207 v. Jonathan Deuel, born June 1807; died May 26, 1866 in
Phillipsport Sullivan Co.

More About Jonathan Deuel:
Burial: Pihillipsport Sullivan Co

208 vi. Hannah Deuel, born August 09, 1812.  She married John

Notes for John Piestter:
"was living Dec 26 1898 Liverpool Onondago Co. N.Y., but
lettr of that date, dated Delphi Onondago Co. N.Y as also her
previous letter of Nov 29, 1898"

209 vii. Charlotte Deuel, born February 22, 1843.
210 viii. Sally Deuel, born January 1805; died October 20, 1886
in Liverpool, Onondago, N. York.

Notes for Sally Deuel:
"died unmarried"

83.  Charles5 Deuel (David4, William3, Jonathan2, William1)  
He married Desiah Potter.

Notes for Charles Deuel:
"fid Jonathan DeVoll & C.J. North"

Notes for Desiah Potter:
"of Dartmouth Mass"

Children of Charles Deuel and Desiah Potter are:
+ 211 i. Abner6 Deuel, born Bet. 1790 - 1791; died August
1883 in Moreau Saratoga Co N. York.
212 ii. Stephen Deuel, born April 23, 1789.
213 iii. Hannah Deuel, born November 17, 1792.
214 iv. David Deuel, born September 06, 1799.
215 v. Charles Deuel, born April 04, 1809; died March 15,
1894.  He married Harriet Allen May 28, 1831.

Notes for Charles Deuel:
"called Charles junior"

84.  Barnea5 Deuel (David4, William3, Jonathan2, William1)

Notes for Barnea Deuel:
"His will Westport R.I. 29 March 1817"

Children of Barnea Deuel are:
216 i. Barbara6 Deuel.

Notes for Barbara Deuel:
"see Barnea's will 29.3.1817"

217 ii. William Deuel.
218 iii. Nancy Deuel.  She married Josiah Gifford.

Notes for Nancy Deuel:
"She the 2nd of 6"

219 iv. Hannah Deuel.  She married Case.
220 v. David Deuel.
221 vi. Ruby Deuel, born in RI.

Notes for Ruby Deuel:
"6th & last child"
"Ruby Deuel formely lived toward end of the road from Lithgow
to Wassaic. fid Perry Green"

94.  Abraham5 Deuel (Abraham4, Jeremiah3, Jonathan2,

Children of Abraham Deuel are:
+ 222 i. Joseph Merritt6 Deuel.
223 ii. Catherine Deuel.
+ 224 iii. John Cramer Deuel.
225 iv. Elizabeth Deuel.
226 v. Henry Deuel.
227 vi. Harvey Deuel.

Notes for Harvey Deuel:
"The 9th of 10 children"

228 vii. Jasper Deuel.
229 viii. Nicholas Deuel.

Notes for Nicholas Deuel:
"He the 5th of 10"

97.  Silas5 Deuel (Timothy4, Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)  
He married Hannah White.

Children of Silas Deuel and Hannah White are:
230 i. Hannah6 Deuel.  She married (1) Underhill.  She married
(2) George Tripp.

Notes for Hannah Deuel:
"She m. 1st an Underhill 2.-George ? Tripp: born 12.6.1791

+ 231 ii. Silas S. Deuel.
232 iii. Eunice Deuel, born February 21, 1747/48.
233 iv. John Deuel, born October 25, 1782.
234 v. Ruth Deuel, born February 23, 1785.
+ 235 vi. Lydia Deuel, born March 05, 1787; died February 14,
236 vii. Phebe Deuel, born Abt. 1793; died May 01, 1857.

Notes for Phebe Deuel:
"Phebe's grave is 9th in Deuel line of graves at Nine Partners,
Washington, Duchess, N. York.  She died 1st May 1857 aged
64=a date about 1793 for her birth: Therefore she must be
Phebe6: Silas5 & Hannah White: Tim4: Jere:3 Jnthn2: Wm"

237 viii. Benjamin Deuel, born May 24, 1796; died May 23,
1869.  He married Miss Finch.

Notes for Benjamin Deuel:
"This grave of Bnjmn Deuell is that of Benjamin of the 6th
generation, son of Silas5 & Hannah White Timothy4: Jeremiah 3:
"Benjamin Deuell's grave at Nine Partners Washington Duchess.
Friend's Cemetery at Brick meeting house.  He died 23 May
1869.  Is is the 12th + northernmost of a line of 12 Deuel graves
- fid James Hyatt"

Notes for Miss Finch:
"Miss Finch niece of Dr. Orton of Hartsville, Town of
Washington, Duchess. fid interview of Richard Swift by James

+ 238 ix. Isaac Deuel, born November 25, 1798; died Bet.
March 01 - 03, 1864.
239 x. Melissa Deuel, born January 30, 1805.  She married
Fields Mosy.
+ 240 xi. Sarah Deuel.

109.  Jonathan5 Deuel (Silas4, Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)
was born January 08, 1764.  He married Rachel Denton
February 1794.

Notes for Jonathan Deuel:
"Jonathan lived on his farm west of Pine Plains village"
"order of birth 1:Betsy Holbrook: 2, Saml; 3,Silas I; 4, Mary; 5,
Fanny Bentley; 6, Jay Deuel: 7. Catherine Holcomb; 6,John
Newton; 9 Rachel Crosby mar. Dr Crosby M.D."

Children of Jonathan Deuel and Rachel Denton are:
241 i. Betsey G.6 Deuel, born May 02, 1795 in Pine Plains,
New York.  She married Nicholas Holbrook.

Notes for Betsey G. Deuel:
"Elizabeth Deuel"
"Betsey m. Nicholas Holbrook-Lithgow-started line of Newton
Deuel Holbrooks"

Notes for Nicholas Holbrook:

+ 242 ii. Samuel Deuel, born November 11, 1796; died March
11, 1882.
+ 243 iii. Silas I. Deuel, born March 19, 1799.
244 iv. Mary Deuel, born Bet. 1799 - 1803; died December 25,

Notes for Mary Deuel:
"born between Silas 1799 & Fanny 1803: Mary6:Jnthn5:Silas4
died unmar. 25.12.1815(1816)"  In family cemetery which is
long gone on present (1985) Wilber Flats Rd, Town of

More About Mary Deuel:
Burial: Wilber Flats Rd., Town of Milan

245 v. Fanny Deuel, born December 18, 1803.  She married
Milton Bentley.

Notes for Fanny Deuel:
"lived first at Mount Ross. Duchess Co.  Removed to
Sherbronne Chenango Co., N. York perhaps after 1836"
"Mrs. Milton Bentley of Mount Ross, Pine Plains"

+ 246 vi. Jay Deuel, born March 30, 1806.
247 vii. Catherine Deuel, born August 06, 1808 in Pine Plains,
Duchess.  She married Milo Holcomb.

Notes for Catherine Deuel:
"They lived Simsbury Ct."

248 viii. John Newton Deuel, born January 01, 1812 in Pine

Notes for John Newton Deuel:
"youngest son"
"Born in town of Pine Plains, lived there, in Virginia & in Bangall
Duchess & in N. York City: Dentist, Merchant, Broker etc.  I
assisted him a year in the Bangall store & his brothers Silas I the
2 yrs previous. James Hyatt."
"b 15.1.1872"

249 ix. Rachel Deuel, born February 07, 1818.  She married Dr.
E. Crosby, M.D..

Notes for Rachel Deuel:
"mar: Dr. Crosby M.D."

250 x. Sarah Deuel.

110.  Wilbour5 Deuel (Silas4, Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)  
He married (1) Ruth.    He married (2) Phebe.

Children of Wilbour Deuel and Ruth are:
251 i. Charity6 Deuel.

Notes for Charity Deuel:
"she the 11th child & not married"

252 ii. Ephraim Deuel.

Notes for Ephraim Deuel:
"Ephr. mar & had a daughter"

+ 253 iii. Stephen Deuel.
+ 254 iv. Jeremiah Deuel.
255 v. Phebe Deuel.  She married Henry Coe.
256 vi. Rhoda Deuel.

Children of Wilbour Deuel and Phebe are:
257 i. Mary6 Deuel.  She married Joel Gould.

Notes for Mary Deuel:
Married Joel Gould + had 6 children: her daughter Charity Gould
mar. Jacob Deuel7: Joshua6."

258 ii. Reuben Deuel.  He married Betsy Howland.

Notes for Reuben Deuel:
"8th child + mentioned in father's will"
"had 6 children"

117.  Charles5 Deuel (David4, Jeremiah3, Jonathan2, William1)

Child of Charles Deuel is:
+ 259 i. Abner6 Deuel.

125.  Samuel5 Deuel (John4, Benjamin3, Jonathan2, William1)
was born in Dartmouth.  He married Elizabeth.

Notes for Samuel Deuel:
"the 5th child"
"His will dated Westport Mass. 6 Jn 1806.  Widow Elzbth's will
dated 1.June 1832 mentions Emmanuel6 & his dau. Elizbith7.  
Also Ptr6 & his daughter Hannah Tripp"
"Also in will Phebe DeVoll7: Sarah7 & Johu7."

Children of Samuel Deuel and Elizabeth are:
+ 260 i. Emmanuel6 Deuel.
+ 261 ii. Peter Deuel.

Generation No. 6

135.  Ebeneezer6 Deuel (George5, Benjamin4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1)  He married Ann Allen.

Notes for Ann Allen:
"Annie or Annis Allen"

Children of Ebeneezer Deuel and Ann Allen are:
+ 262 i. Seneca7 Deuel.
263 ii. Christina Deuel, born 1793; died August 14, 1839.  She
married John L. Brill.

Notes for John L. Brill:
"of Saratoga"

264 iii. Elizabeth Deuel.
265 iv. George W. Deuel, born 1800; died September 09,
1878.  He married Sarah H. Slocum; died September 15, 1884.

Notes for George W. Deuel:
"Lives on the homestead Easton 1896 Washington Co, N.Y."

Notes for Sarah H. Slocum:
"She d 15 S. 1884 age 84"

266 v. Lydia Deuel.  She married William Osborn.
267 vi. Pamelia Deuel.  She married R. Russel.
268 vii. Patty Deuel.  She married George Allen in Dartmouth.

141.  Joshua6 Deuel (Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1) was born 1766, and died 1847.  He
married Lydia Rogers, daughter of Benjamin Rogers.

Children of Joshua Deuel and Lydia Rogers are:
+ 269 i. Jacob7 Deuel, born January 21, 1797; died October
27, 1879.
+ 270 ii. Benjamin Deuel.
271 iii. Clark Deuel.
272 iv. Jeremiah Deuel.
273 v. Ruth Deuel.
274 vi. Judith Deuel.

Notes for Judith Deuel:
"or Juda or Judith"

143.  Jonathan6 Deuel (Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1)

Children of Jonathan Deuel are:
275 i. Benjamin7 Deuel.
276 ii. Elizabeth Deuel.
277 iii. Frederick Deuel.

147.  David6 Deuel (Joseph5, Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1)  He married Elvira Whipple.

Children of David Deuel and Elvira Whipple are:
278 i. Annis7 Deuel, born November 28, 1786.  She married
John VanTassel.
279 ii. Aurelia Deuel, born June 10, 1793.  She married
Ebeneezer Allen.

Notes for Aurelia Deuel:
"mar. Ebeneezer Allen, the grandfather of Frederick Innis Allen.  
This Fred I. Allen visited James Hyatt at Honeymoon Brook 24
Sept 1891 in search of Deuel particulars.  From his was obtained
much important information.  He was an educated civil engineer
thn living in Auburn N York: but where now I, James Hyatt
know not.  This Ebeneezer Allen lived 1st Greenfield Saratoga
Co. next Ledyard Cayuga Co: next Auburn N.H.  Thus F. Innis
Allen was of the 9th Deuell gen. perhaps then aged about 35, a
graduate of the Yale Scientific School."

280 iii. Bathsheba Deuel.
281 iv. Lucina Deuel.

Notes for Lucina Deuel:
"the 4 child of 5"

282 v. Prince Deuel, born January 16, 1796; died May 29,
1883.  He married Elizabeth Gifford; died 1888 in Troy, N.

Notes for Prince Deuel:
"no issue: died on the "old homestead", South Corinth Saratoga
Co, N. York: his widow died in Troy, N. York 1888, age 92"

153.  Peter6 Deuel (John5, Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) died September 1799 in So. Corinth.  He married
Cynthia Clark, daughter of Jeptha Clark and Rhoda Darling.

Children of Peter Deuel and Cynthia Clark are:
+ 283 i. Jason7 Deuel, born April 28, 1799; died April 18, 1888.
284 ii. Hannah Deuel.  She married Tripp.

154.  Reuben6 Deuel (John5, Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born June 19, 1760.  He married Amy.  She was
born May 07, 1764.

Notes for Reuben Deuel:
"R.6 Mentioned in father's will recorded 1806, Duchess, N.

Children of Reuben Deuel and Amy are:
285 i. Aldney7 Deuel.
286 ii. Elizabeth Deuel.
287 iii. Henry Deuel, born December 08, 1789.
288 iv. Lyman Deuel.

Notes for Lyman Deuel:
"the 3rd of 7 children"

289 v. Anna Deuel.
290 vi. David D. Deuel.
291 vii. Morgan Deuel.

155.  Gideon6 Deuel (John5, Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born August 01, 1758, and died December 16,
1800.  He married Mary J.  She died in Cambridge, N.Y..

Notes for Gideon Deuel:
"mentioned in his father's will, recorded Duchess Co., 11, Oct

Children of Gideon Deuel and Mary J are:
292 i. John7 Deuel, born August 03, 1780.
293 ii. Job Deuel, born March 22, 1783; died May 01, 1864 in
Alabama N. York.
294 iii. Alse Deuel, born December 21, 1785.
295 iv. Ira Deuel, born April 17, 1788.
296 v. Peter Deuel, born July 18, 1790.
297 vi. Rhoby Deuel, born August 09, 1792.
298 vii. Edith Deuel, born May 10, 1795.
299 viii. Zina Deuel, born May 18, 1797.
300 ix. Allen Deuel, born October 12, 1799.

156.  Cornelius6 Deuel (John5, Benjamin4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1)  He married Mary Fish.

Children of Cornelius Deuel and Mary Fish are:
301 i. Andra7 Deuel.
302 ii. Isaac Deuel, born August 24, 1794; died February 13,
+ 303 iii. Thomas Deuel.
304 iv. Mercy Deuel.

Notes for Mercy Deuel:
"unmarr. 14.F.1818"

305 v. Preserved Deuel, born 1783; died October 20, 1861.
306 vi. Ruth Deuel.

Notes for Ruth Deuel:
"unmarried 14.2.1818"

167.  Abner6 Deuel (Benjamin5, Joseph4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born 1758 in Dartmouth, Mass, and died 1834.  
He married Abigail Tripp 1780, daughter of Samuel Tripp and
Mary Tripp.

Notes for Abner Deuel:
"Abner moved to Easton Washington Co. N. York 11th Feb
1796; afterward to Sehagticook N. York in 1800"

Children of Abner Deuel and Abigail Tripp are:
307 i. Pardon7 Deuel.

Notes for Pardon Deuel:
"A descendant Pardon Deuel Jameson Aldburg Veront"
"A Mrs. Henry Deuel Jameson, a grand dr of a Pardon Deuel
Fid. Mary & Eugene DuBois"
"A Pardon Deuel's grand-dr at Venice, Quebec"

308 ii. Benjamin Deuel.
309 iii. William Deuel.
310 iv. Elizabeth Deuel.
311 v. Sarah Deuel.
312 vi. Nancy Deuel.
313 vii. Phebe Deuel.

Notes for Phebe Deuel:
"She 7th of 8"

314 viii. Mary Deuel.
+ 315 ix. Lydia Deuel.

168.  Joseph6 Deuel (Benjamin5, Joseph4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born February 1784 in Rhode Island, and died
1841.  He married Phebe Potter December 06, 1802 in
Duanesbrg, Albany Co..

Notes for Joseph Deuel:
"Also iss: Joseph6 probably: This the Rev. soldier who fought at
the battle Bunker Hill & ancestor of Kate L. Duell Daehler?"
"K.S.D. Daehler (Removed to Warren, Herkimer Co, 1807)
died there 1841"

Children of Joseph Deuel and Phebe Potter are:
+ 316 i. Nelson7 Deuel, born April 06, 1809 in Warren
Herkimer Co..
+ 317 ii. Benjamin Deuel, born November 01, 1803 in
Duanesburgh, Albn. Co. N.Y..
+ 318 iii. Caroline Deuel, born May 04, 1815 in Warren
Herkimer Co.; died June 1883.
+ 319 iv. Charles Deuel, born May 03, 1811 in Warren
Herkimer Co..
+ 320 v. Rodophus Holland Deuel, born December 20, 1824 in
Warren Herkimer Co.; died February 11, 1891.
+ 321 vi. Eben Deuel.
322 vii. Polly Deuel, born 1805.
+ 323 viii. Ruth Deuel, born April 11, 1807 in Warren Herkimer
324 ix. Nelson Deuel, born 1809.
325 x. Eben Deuel, born 1813.
326 xi. Caroline Deuel, born 1815.
327 xii. Phila Deuel, born 1817.
328 xiii. E. Marsona Deuel, born April 24, 1819; died October
14, 1835.

Notes for E. Marsona Deuel:
"died unmarried"

+ 329 xiv. Louisa Deuel, born May 31, 1821.
330 xv. Rudolphus Deuel, born 1824.

169.  William6 Deuel (Benjamin5, Joseph4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,

Child of William Deuel is:
331 i. Aurelia7 Deuel.

Notes for Aurelia Deuel:
"fid Mrs John Hummeston at interview with James Hyatt"

173.  Joseph6 Deuel (Israel5, Christopher4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1) died 1870.  He married Sarah Barker.

Notes for Joseph Deuel:
"G.J.N. writes 7.2.1897 that this which is and also the same as
Joseph the Quaker trustee in Stanford & Clinton, Duchess was
born Duchess, N.Y. 1762 & died Hartland 1840: he mar. Sarah
Barker.  She m. Paul Hoag"

More About Joseph Deuel:
Burial: Hartland, Niagara Co. N. York

Children of Joseph Deuel and Sarah Barker are:
+ 332 i. Catherine7 Deuel.
333 ii. Sarah Jane Maria Deuel.
334 iii. Willis J. Deuel.
335 iv. Jane A. Deuel.
336 v. Elizette Deuel.
337 vi. Hannah Deuel.
338 vii. Joseph D. Deuel, born Aft. 1787.

Notes for Joseph D. Deuel:
"died an infant in infancy"

+ 339 viii. Richard Titus Deuel, born 1789; died 1847 in Troy,
N. York.
340 ix. Maria Deuel.

Notes for Maria Deuel:
"not married"

341 x. Robert Deuel, died June 20, 1860.

Notes for Robert Deuel:
"Hartland, Niagara Co. grave description Robert Deuel died 20
June 1860 age 33. His wife d 28, F. 1870, aged 39."

+ 342 xi. Francis Deuel.

174.  Isaac6 Deuel (Israel5, Christopher4, Joseph3, Jonathan2,
William1) was born December 23, 1750.  He married Mary.

Notes for Isaac Deuel:
"He lived a farmer on the farm NorthEast of that now owned by
Egbet Hallock.  That farm now owned by George Knapp,
Son-In-Law of Timothy Preston"

Children of Isaac Deuel and Mary are:
+ 343 i. Israel S.7 Deuel, born August 28, 1783.
+ 344 ii. Daniel Deuel.
345 iii. Martha Deuel, born February 12, 1775.  She married
Samuel Holmes.

Notes for Martha Deuel:
"mar. Saml Holmes as 2nd wife & step-mother of Gilbert
Holmes Washington, Duchess"

+ 346 iv. Jane Deuel, born April 05, 1780; died July 28, 1855.
+ 347 v. Isaac Thorn Deuel, born October 09, 1787.
+ 348 vi. Mary Deuel, born March 14, 1798.

175.  Abner6 Deuel (Jonathan5, Christopher4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1) was born December 16, 1788 in
Washington, Duchess Co., N.Y..  He married Sarah C. Upton

Notes for Abner Deuel:
"Abner born 16 Dec 1788 on one of the old Deuell homestead in
Washington, Duchess Co., N.Y."
"Soon after marriage Abner6 bought in Stanford Duchess Co,
the farm once owned by Obadiah Haight where thereafter he
lived + died an "Orthodox" Quaker."

Children of Abner Deuel and Sarah Upton are:
+ 349 i. Stephen7 Deuel.
+ 350 ii. George S. Deuel, born March 23, 1830.
351 iii. Phebe Content Deuel, born August 03, 1828; died
November 10, 1868.

Notes for Phebe Content Deuel:
"unmarried; was at one time insane"

352 iv. Henry Deuel, born October 29, 1831 in Stanford,
Obadiah Haight Farm; died April 06, 1881.

Notes for Henry Deuel:
"died unmarried"

353 v. Asa Deuel, born June 1839; died July 09, 1839.

176.  Abraham6 Deuel (Jonathan5, Christopher4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1) was born May 10, 1783 in Washington,
Duchess Co., N.Y..  He married (1) Sarah Smith.    He married
(2) Huldah French.

Notes for Abraham Deuel:
"Abr'm 6 born in Washington, Duchess Co, on the homestead:
Went to Sciphio N.Y. before 1824.  After that removed to
Hartland Co, N.Y. Purchased a wheat farm + died there. A
Quaker like his ancestors."

Children of Abraham Deuel and Sarah Smith are:
+ 354 i. Abner Hoag7 Deuel, born March 21, 1811 in
Washington, Duchess Co., N.Y.; died December 13, 1893 in
New Buffalo Co., Mich.
355 ii. Hiram Deuel, born November 02, 1804.

Notes for Hiram Deuel:
"the oldest son b.2.11.1803.  Disappeared mysteriously:
probably drowned in Erie Canal"

356 iii. Eliza-Ann Deuel, born February 25, 1806.
+ 357 iv. Tamar Jane Deuel, born March 28, 1812 in
Washington, Duchess Co., N.Y.; died June 11, 1897.
358 v. Jacob Smith Deuel, born Bet. January 04, 1814 - January
11, 1815 in Washington, Duchess Co., N.Y..

Notes for Jacob Smith Deuel:
"went with parents to Scipio, Cayuga Co., & thence to Hartland
Niargara Co., N.Y. Lives at Reynales Basin with sister-in-law &
neice Gertrude, drf of Jonathan"

+ 359 vi. Anna Maria Deuel, born April 02, 1817.
360 vii. Mary Deuel, born January 11, 1819.  She married
Prince Bennet May 03, 1865.

Notes for Mary Deuel:
"She a widower lives 1896 Ypsilanti Mich no issue"

+ 361 viii. Jonathan C Deuel, born May 27, 1824; died August
03, 1886.

Child of Abraham Deuel and Huldah French is:
+ 362 i. Alfred7 Deuel, born March 19, 1834 in Hartland,
Niagara Co. N. York.

177.  David6 Deuel (Jonathan5, Christopher4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1)  He married Harriet Bates.

Children of David Deuel and Harriet Bates are:
363 i. Albert-Nelson7 Deuel.
364 ii. Charles Legranderson Deuel.  He married Eunice Beach;
born in Otsego Co, N. York.

Notes for Charles Legranderson Deuel:
"probrably married there" - Otsego Co., N. York

+ 365 iii. Lewis Ceylon Deuel.
+ 366 iv. George Deuel, born April 29, 1826 in Washington,
Duchess Co., N.Y..
+ 367 v. Harriet-Almira Deuel, born in Otsego, Co..
+ 368 vi. Helen R. Deuel, born February 16, 1835.
369 vii. Nelson Deuel, born November 24, 1849 in Otsego Co..

178.  Alfred6 Deuel (Jonathan5, Christopher4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1) was born August 31, 1804 in Washington,
Duchess Co., N.Y., and died October 18, 1869.  He married
Mercy Mosher.  She was born July 1813, and died October 08,

Notes for Alfred Deuel:
"Alfred6. School teacher, merchant, farmer. Justice: town
supervisor, lived mostly in Clinton Duchess, land surveyor."

Notes for Mercy Mosher:
"Mercy Mosher of Clinton Hollow Duchess"

Children of Alfred Deuel and Mercy Mosher are:
+ 370 i. Charles7 Deuel, born in Clinton, Duchess.
371 ii. Mary Deuel.
372 iii. Alice Deuel.  She married Croft.
373 iv. Leslie Deuel.

179.  Amy6 Deuel (Jonathan5, Christopher4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1) was born May 31, 1785, and died
December 27, 1817.  She married Samuel Hyatt.

Child of Amy Deuel and Samuel Hyatt is:
+ 374 i. Lydia Deuell7 Hyatt.

181.  John6 Deuel (Jonathan5, Christopher4, Joseph3,
Jonathan2, William1) was born February 20, 1794, and died
February 22, 1875 in Washington, Duchess Co.  He married
Miriam Boyce October 28, 1825 in Washington, Duchess Co.  
She was born June 09, 1798, and died March 20, 1873.

Notes for John Deuel:
"Also he lived in Saratoga County N.Y. & in Virginia.  Was
farmer, stockholder in Mechanicville, thread factory miller of
ground plaster, etc.  Once in Flax mill"

Notes for Miriam Boyce:
"Marium Boice"

Children of John Deuel and Miriam Boyce are:
+ 375 i. Jacob7 Deuel, born in Washington; died April 19, 1998
in Pokeepsie.
376 ii. Isaac Deuel, born December 06, 1826 in Washington,
Duchess Co., N.Y.; died in Virginia.

Notes for Isaac Deuel:
"I. 7: oldest son"
"died unmarried"
"I.7 born probably in Washington, Duchess Co. died at his
parents in Virginia"

+ 377 iii. Margaret Deuel, born March 10, 1841.

184.  Sarah6 Deuel (Jonathan5, Christopher4,